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What does “Azlee” mean?
Azlee comes from the Hindi, Arabic, and Urdu combination “aslee” which means “the real / the original”, variations of the word from the root could mean “the real world”. As the word implies, you are delegating someone on your behalf to do something for you, be it to purchase and deliver dinner, buy medicine from the pharmacy, or even fetch your spare keys in the unfortunate event of locking yourself out of your car!
Our Mission and Vision
Established in 2020, Azlee, in this golden period of digitalization, with a spike in online delivery in Kerala, looks forward to exploring all over the world in the coming future.

Our mission is to provide an extra boost for our economy with a completely wide and new concept of e-city, where we bring everything to your fingertips. From medicine delivery at home to online grocery shopping in Kerala, all you have to do is place an order and relax.


Our vision is to provide additional income for working professionals, part-time job seekers, or students. We aim to increase employment opportunities and promote young entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs. 

Your Success today is our income for tomorrow.

Azlee platform pioneered the on-demand service fulfillment model in the region, by establishing a massive customer-to-customer network through a generic chat-based ordering experience, allowing users to be creative and unconstrained in describing the service needed, and giving the couriers the option to bid with their price they see fit through Fazaa courier, ensuring a fully scalable and self-regulating model.

Who can use Azlee?

Besides customers looking for online delivery service in Kerala and looking for an extra source of income, Azlee offers a number of business solutions built on the platform's on-demand model, such as:
personilized delivery

1. On-Demand Logistics

Get instant access to thousands of on-demand couriers in your city to offer on-demand delivery for your e-commerce customers within hours


2. In-App Listing

Promote your business for millions of users around you, one-click away from converting to loyal customers!


3. Restaurant Ordering Solution

Manage inbound e-commerce orders from Azlee seamlessly, as you start preparing the order while the courier is on the way, guaranteeing an express service to your customers they’ve never experienced before!

Anything from Anywhere in your City
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